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Dopey406 06-30-08 04:11 PM

Beta results
I got the call a little early again this time. And it's weird but the nurses' voices all sound exactly the same to me. :lol:

hCG = 4,003
Prog = 47.7

Doubling time = 57.68

It's slowed WAY down since last week. I'm trying not to think of it as impending doom. :pray: They weren't concerned and said they're looking forward to seeing me next week for my u/s. I wish it was this week!!! :tantrum:

I'll just keep :pray: and thinking positive thoughts.

Valleygirl 06-30-08 08:13 PM

:hugs: Climbing numbers are always good, and don't they usually slow down at a certain point? Are you still spotting?

Just30 06-30-08 09:37 PM

I'll keep you in my prayers!! Hang in there...I agree, climbing numbers are what you want!
What day is your sono next week?

Dopey406 06-30-08 09:41 PM

Thanks, ladies.

No, I'm not spotting anymore so that's a relief.

My u/s is next week on July 9th--at 3:30pm so I have to wait all day. :thud:

koala_kaper 06-30-08 09:44 PM

:hug: Glad the #'s are still climbing, that's what matters most, right?