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Beta's are in Print Version

Mrs.Emily 07-01-08 01:36 PM

Beta's are in
The doctor called me about 2 hours after my test and said my beta was 13. which is okay he says, last time my beta never got past 6 so I guess this is improvement. i am 12 DPO according to fertility friend and i am on CD 26.
My progesterone on Friday (8 DPO, CD22) was 11 which he said was okay, but to stay on the prometrium 100mg 2x a day.
I am scheduled to have another beta on thursday and an ultrasound on Tuesday (1 week from today)

I am so scared that something will happen and I JUST for ONCE want to enjoy this news and being pregnant! I want to be happy and make plans and I can't!
Oh well, one day at a time. I think hubby and I are going to take off to the beach tonight and tomorrow, so maybe that will help me relax!

Dopey406 07-01-08 02:13 PM

Wonderful news!

My 10dpiui beta was only 8, so hang in there. Yesterday it was 4,003. So keep those spirits up!

Mrs.Emily 07-01-08 02:16 PM

That makes me feel a little better! Thanks! I am REALLY trying to think positive, but as you well's not easy!!!
How many DPIUI were you yesterday when it was 4,003? Also, I'm kinda new to this so how does DPIUI correspond with DPO. Is IUI done during ovulation? Just curious! Thanks. I'm really hoping that the progesterone is going to help this time around!

Dopey406 07-01-08 04:34 PM

DPIUI is the same thing as DPO. We had the IUI on the same day as my O so it's all basically the same thing.

Yesterday I was 24dpiui.

Congratulations again!

Oreo 07-01-08 10:17 PM


Hope you are feeling more and more pregnant each day. I know it is not easy to let your guard down... I hope each beta result can reassure you and this bean grows healthy and strong.