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Here we go again!! Print Version

Oreo 07-07-08 08:54 AM

Here we go again!!
:witch: arrived

CD #1 is here and chlomid starts on day three.

Why aren't I happier about this??

Dopey406 07-07-08 09:21 AM

:bighug: Hopefully that Clomid will kick you into high gear, get you O'ing a beautiful egg, and you'll be knocked up just in time to fit that teacher schedule. :winker:

Oreo 07-07-08 03:15 PM

From your keyboard to God's ears!!! :pray:


tiaonia 07-08-08 03:16 AM

:bighug: :pray:

melodymama 07-14-08 11:43 AM

good luck