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oracle 09-29-08 09:05 PM

Early pregnancy cramps- scared
I miscarriaged in January. It was a missed miscarriage so I didn't know it had happened until I went for my first checkup. I am about 6 weeks pregnant and feel very different then I did the first time around. I really didn't have any symptoms the first time. I have read on the internet that it is normal to feel menstrual like cramps for a day or so due to implantation. I have had them for about a week off and on throughout each day. I am terrified that I am going to have another miscarriage. I think I handled the last one ok, but I don't think I am strong enough to do it again. Can anyone give me peace of mind? Are these cramps I am feeling normal? There is no blood accompanied with the cramps.

Oreo 09-29-08 09:34 PM

There are 1,000 variations to normal when it comes to being pregnant since every lady's body adjusts differently.

It's almost impossible not to worry, but all i can say now is to try not to worry.

Drink water, get your rest, eat a healthful diet and stop smoking or drinking if you do that. Creating a healthy home for baby is about all you can do for baby at the moment -- the rest is up to god/nature.

I'm so sorry for your first loss. Many of us here have lost babies. I've lost two myself. It is never easy.

I hope your new baby is just nestling in and the cramps are healthy hormones raging getting your bean to grow.

:bighug: I hope you have a wonderful pregnancy.

ChandyRae 10-09-08 01:59 PM

I think you should take it as a GOOD sign that you feel differently with this pregnancy! What you're feeling as cramps is probably just your uterus growing and moving into a better position to support the baby. Try to relax, as stress only does harm. :hugs:

wendysue611 10-09-08 04:43 PM

I'm sorry for your loss earlier this year. My sister also had a missed miscarriage in January. She knew something was different because she had no symptoms and felt like a million bucks. All her other pregnancies, she was very sick and had tons of symptoms.

I agree with Sara (Oreo). And you can always call your doctor if something is really bothering you. They want to know if something is going on. I am also about 6 weeks pregnant. Unless the cramps get worse and is accompanied with heavy bleeding, then you probably are just fine. Take a deep breath! We are here for you.

You should come over to the DD boards!

I wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy!

AshFind06 11-06-08 05:36 PM

I'd say these are normal i'm no dr. but i recall cramps with my first