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countrycutieluv 12-19-08 01:24 PM

Question about m/c
Well I had a miscarriage last Tuesday and sorry tmi bleed for about 6 days,heavy at times.I was 5wks 5days along.I never went to the hospital,I had talked to my doctor the day before and was told if it is there isn't anything they could do.
With my bleeding I didn't have any really bad cramps,I mean I have had worse with af.
So on to my question.Yesterday I had to go to my Aunts up in the mountains and well long story short I did A LOT more then I had in a long time.I hiked about 1/2 mile up hill in about 1/2 foot of snow and 2inches of ice.Then I helped clear ice underneath her truck.:reye:
Now I have cramps more like ovulation cramps then af cramps.These are radiating from the area of my overies and then down to my groin rather then the uterus area.:huh:
So long story short.Did you experiance cramping after you had miscarried?
Or could my cramping be I over did it?
I'm due to ovulate between now and christmas eve too.
I do go in for a beta draw today to make sure I'm at 0(which Iam sure I am)
I don't have any bleeding,fever or any wierd discharge.
Any thoughts or experiance you feel comfortable to share.
Thanks :tup:

teddybear1082 12-19-08 02:05 PM

I had a m/c at about 6 and a half weeks and I ran in a 3 mile race 10 days later-with my doctor's blessing. I am sure that you are physically fine, just still feeling the after effects. I was able to conceive just a few months later and dd is now 13 onths old.

If you are still concerned, call your doctor, I am sure that they can answer a question and let you know whether you need to go in for a checkup.

I am so sorry that this happened to you. Good luck ttc.

Dopey406 12-19-08 02:19 PM


It sounds like you definitely overdid it with the hiking and such.

Sending big hugs and try to take it easy for a few days.

MImom23 12-19-08 03:07 PM

:ythat: and a GIANT :bighug: