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How long did you wait to try again? Print Version

3Princes 01-02-09 06:34 PM

How long did you wait to try again?
How long did you wait to try again after your m/c?

~Kelli~ 01-02-09 07:39 PM

I had to wait until I had another period-- then the next cycle we tried.... I started with my RE right after the D&C-- that was my 3rd mc in a row..... the first 2 were 'natural' I started to bleed soon after a positive beta-- so we waited a cycle then tried-- then after the D&C I had to wait longer...

3Princes 01-02-09 08:34 PM

Well... this whole thing is probably going to eat up most of my sick time, so we're out until June. Right now I don't feel like I can do this anymore, but I know that might change as time goes on. DH and I have already decided to table the issue and see what happens once schools out and I've had some time to think.

~Kelli~ 01-02-09 08:46 PM

I can understand exactly... after I had another mc with the RE I was ready to give up..... that was my 4th cycle at the RE... grueling.... my RE said 1 more cycle then we'd go to IVF-- so dh and I decided that 1 more cycle then we were done-- we didnt want to go through IVF..... and..... we got pg that cycle with miss lyla....

just table it-- wait it out-- get your body back to normal.... then go from there.....:bighug:

Dopey406 01-02-09 09:32 PM

We waited just until after my next period for most of our tries. I always knew that I wanted a third and no number of losses would change that, so I figured why wait?

But this is a very personal decision and one that no one but yourself and DH can make. Just follow your heart and see where it leads you. :hugsad: