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ChandyRae 01-03-09 11:41 PM

So.... After many miscarriages this year including one at the beginning of December, I completely ignored my cycle this month. Totally. I tried as hard as I could not to pay attention to ovulating, when to expect AF, ect. Finally today I was pretty sure she should have arrived already, so I looked at my calendar and figured it all out - 2 days late. I bought a WM test tonight while grocery shopping. I took it when we got home, fully expecting it to be negative. I didn't even LOOK at the test, I was trying to figure out how long it had been (a minute and a half) when I glanced at the test and saw a majorly dark positive line!! Darker than the control line!! Needless to say I was completely shocked. And now, of course, I'm nervous. We've had six early miscarriages, four of them in 2008. All but two were earlier than I am now, so that's reassuring, but still... Of course I'm scared!! So I just wanted to share all that with those of you who would understand, and ask that you maybe say a prayer (or eight) for me and this wonderful little bean that I've amazingly been blessed with. What a beautiful new year this could turn out to be!!

Dopey406 01-03-09 11:44 PM

:hug: Congratulations!! I have a really great feeling about this one!! :hyper:

amitrat 01-03-09 11:58 PM

I replied on your other post - you will be in my thoughts and prayers! Everything crossed here!

countrycutieluv 01-04-09 12:03 AM

Forget sticky vibes I sending you SUPER GLUE vibes!
I'm so happy for you! I will pray for you a many times! :clapping:

Oreo 01-04-09 03:12 PM


You've got all the prayers you want!! Forget super glue -- let's think cement!!!

I hope this is it and you are on your way to 9 months of bliss and a lifetime beyond with a new little person!