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Bitter sweet milestone.... Print Version

countrycutieluv 02-09-09 10:09 PM

Bitter sweet milestone....
Well I felt really blah today just wanted to curl up and do nothing.
Thought it was my little pitty party that AF showed.Then when posting a message I realized that it's been two months today that we lost are little Morgan.
I always try to fight back the tears but for some reason I'm not any sadder then normal.I'm just really blah.....I have been blah since the m/c maybe a little depressed and moody but today I was more then normal.
I just want this feeling to dissipate a little and get back to my normal self.I miss my little angel but I need to snap back at least a little for my family.
It may just be me but I have noticed lately how unfair this world is sometimes....why we all must endure this horrible loss.
My mom finally found out last week about my m/c (she is always out and about) and she said,"Oh well at least you can have fun trying again".I know she meant well,but geeze not even I'm sorry honey or anything.Uggg I just wish nobody had to go through this,maybe the world would be a grander place? :huh:
I have just seen too many people hurt since my m/c that it just ripps open the sore all over again and then I grieve for them.
I really don't know where I wanted to go with this post,maybe just air my feelings a little bit and remember my little Morgan and remember all who has lost there little angels too.
:bighug: :candle:
Thank you for reading this.......:heart:

jenisuzy 02-10-09 06:56 AM

Keeping you in my thoughts- although I've not had a m/c 2 very close friends did & I cannot imagine going through it myself. You are a very strong person and wishing you well !

Oreo 02-10-09 11:34 PM

Hey there-- don't despair... the healing of a heart doesn't happen over night and you are right to let yourself feel the saddness/anger/loss... All those emotions will fade, but they won't ever really go away. They are there because you really loved and wanted that baby and it's how your honor that.

I'm sorry you are sad. I hope your BFP comes soon. I hope you also do enjoy the trying -- because it can be really stressful when you forget that part... Believe me, I've been there.


3Princes 02-11-09 09:11 PM

Unfortunately I see the unfairness of it all every day.

Dopey406 02-11-09 09:17 PM