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Am I or Am i NOT that is my ? Print Version

stephjbme4 05-04-09 11:33 PM

Am I or Am i NOT that is my ?
had my D/C april 3 after my levels were lower then a 5 a week ago yesterday (sunday) my boobs started leaking and hurting bad i would take this as a big sign of being pregnant but the a PT still is Neg not even sure when my AF should arrive and i guess i have to wait.........Also anyone know how soon the boobs would leak or maybe its just from my M/C in jan who knows?????

Keepers 05-05-09 08:41 AM

I am not sure why your bb would be leaking. Do you know for sure when you ovulated? If so how many DPO are you?

stephjbme4 05-05-09 10:30 AM

i think im 8 DPO right now as of today but not 100% sure really that is just what my bbt tracker says called the doctor she said that can happen after a loss so now im not as of excited about finding out im not pregnant but she is going to do a hcg level test but if im only on 8 DPO then my levels would not be higher then a 5 so i still wont know anything so this sucks

3Princes 05-05-09 08:27 PM

Did you have a natural m/c or a d&c? I don't know how long it takes for levels to drop to 0 but I know my doctor checked at 2 weeks after my d&c and it was negative.

stephjbme4 05-09-09 11:32 AM

i had a M/c for 3 months passed most of it but my level was stuck at 14 after almost 4 months o bleeding everyday so they went ahead and did a d/c hardest 4 months i hve been through in awhile