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countrycutieluv 10-23-09 06:23 PM

Just an update!
Well I went to see my gyno on base today. I will admit I went in wanting birth control and putting off TTC'ing for awhile. This last miscarriage was hard on us,we thought this had to be different. Though my grieving with this last one has been very invert and mellow it still hurts,makes me mad and hateful.
Dh and I had talked and said waiting on the testing and all that would be good. Give us a chance to just regroup.In all reality dh is just along for the ride. He is just here to support me (his words).
I went in there and I had a shocker I had horrible blood pressure today! I mean aweful! :eek2:144/86 I have never in my life had problems with my bp. So that was a great suprise :madmoon:. Then the doctor asked me what forms of birth control I had been taking and they I explaind what had been going on.
She then offered ( I didn't ask, didn't plan on mentioning it) the RPL testing and a referal to a RE. She said that those tests doesn't mean we have to start trying but just that we may have some closer or answers to point us in a direction. Of course I agreed and said sure I will take the blood tests and figure out what is going on.:loser2: She made sure to through in that age affects fertility and that I shouldn't wait too long.:nervous: All in all she was so sweet and supportive. She gave me my lab slip and called in my birth controll pills.
I had to wait till Monday to do the RPL labs do to shipping to the lab for the tests and all that.
I had a message on my machine when I got home from my doctor asking me to call her ASAP! So I did.
She wants to take the RPL testing one step furthur and do day 3 testing and metabolic testing all at the same time.:gbounce:
The funny thing is... I can't take my BC pills till after day 3 of next month:laughing: the reason I went in in the first place.
I think all in all the doctor gave me the reasurance that I needed and the little push that dh avoided.. I feel like we will get some answers and someone is actually listening.
Under the cercumstances I feel pretty good.
She said the worst that could happen is that RE will have more info then they need.

amitrat 10-23-09 06:40 PM

I'm glad you might get some answers to all the issues you have. I have been wondering how you are doing. Hoping and praying for you!

Oreo 10-23-09 08:24 PM

Wow! Seems like your doctor is really on your side. I know firsthand the anger and saddness that linger after a loss, as well as the fear. I'm so glad that your doctor gave you the push that you needed to move forward toward the baby you want.

I hope the doctor gets you all the details you need and the answers you want.

Good Luck! Thanks for the update!

imagine 10-23-09 09:10 PM

that is some good news! I hope the RE can have some answers for you.

countrycutieluv 10-23-09 10:47 PM

Well now I just sit and wait till cd3 next month to give my 8+ vials of blood. My doctor said it should take about 3-4weeks for the results. I feel better doing this, dh seems to be a little more relived knowing were on the path to answers.
Now I just have to hurry up and wait till around xmas/new years for results.
Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers.