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Oreo 12-01-09 08:01 PM

Holidays and Coping
With the holidays here, I just wanted to pop in and send everyone a hug. It's a really hard time of year not to get down on yourself or your situation when you want a baby so badly and have suffered a loss.


Try to remain focused on a bright future and believing that your baby will come to you in time. So many of us have been in your shoes -- sad, angry, dissapointed, confused... And, so many of us have made it through to find our homes and hearts blessed with babies.

Here's to a new year coming that will make all of your holidays brighter with a healthy new baby coming your way.

With love,
Your mod, Sarah/Oreo

alliwantisababy 12-03-09 09:46 AM

Thank you for your boost of confidence and reassurance .... I will try not to let my impatient and anxious feelings get in the way!