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Slightly confused (TMI) Print Version

koala_kaper 01-04-10 02:25 PM

Slightly confused (TMI)
Now i'm wondering if the bleeding that started the day before my b-day was actually AF. It wasn't THAT heavy like I was told it would be but it lasted like a week. Now on NYE I started some VERY light bleeding, but it was SOOO strange looking for almost 3 days. Morning was thew heaviest, but it was gone by the end of the day for those 3 days. THEN it started getting heavier, to the point where I can say that Jan 3rd is CD1 and today is even heavier yet. I kinda wonder what that first week of bleeding was and why this cycle decided to take so long to REALLY start up. But I guess I know for sure that this is AF this time and we can start really trying again when it's over.

If I don't get pg in January, Feb is the one year mark (or do I still count that as a year since I WAS pg but had a m/c?) Wondering if I should call my Dr in Feb if I'm not pg yet? She said a year and then we'd start really looking at things more closely but that was before I got pg and had a m/c :huh:

Oreo 01-07-10 10:31 PM

Not sure what to say about the wacky cycle.

I think you call the doc and set up the appt. At least you might find out about the wacky cycle and you can still try while the doc is doing whatever tests he/she wants ...

Good Luck! :hugs: