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Didn't know where to post this...... Print Version

countrycutieluv 01-09-10 08:32 PM

Didn't know where to post this......
So I continued to take my birth control this month even after last month.
Maybe tmi! My libedo was out the window this month...considering the last few months I figured it was common. Dh and I dtd only ONCE before he left.
After he left I stopped taking the pill...figured I didn't need to take, nothing really to
Well I'm pregnant again! :madmoon:
I'm not mad that Iam just ticked because of my track record.I'm even spotting AGAIN! I have felt pretty blah but figured it was because of the weather and the fact that dh is gone.
Then I started spotting today so I went and got a test....I knew knowing my luck it was going to be positive.
I just pray for a little bit of luck and hope that 2010 brings me something good!
I just sometimes feel that I'm a guinie pig.....and this is just some cruel joke!
I just don't know what to do or say!

imagine 01-09-10 08:46 PM

I hope all goes well!! your in my thoughts and prayers!

CarolleZ 01-09-10 09:43 PM

Miracles do happen! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!

Oreo 01-09-10 10:29 PM

I can understand how you would feel frustrated and scared that the same thing would happen again. I do get that. But, I also hope that this grows into a happy and healthy pregnancy for you.

:xfingers: good luck!

countrycutieluv 01-09-10 10:55 PM

Thank you ladies! I will be on the phone with the doctor first thing Monday Morning!