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koala_kaper 01-14-10 02:17 PM

Good news?
I'm not sure if I've O'ed yet or not. I'm kind of thinkingnot yet, but then there's a part of me that thinks maybe I did. I'm just not sure yet!

BUT I do have a question... A few days ago (TMI) I went to the bathroom, wiped and there was one little streak of blood. It was only that one time and it was on CD10 or 11. I am doubting that it would be implantation bleeding so soon, but then what in the world WOULD it be?

I've been meaning to post this for a couple of days and I kept forgetting about it! Any ideas?

jlynn1313 01-15-10 12:23 AM

What day do you normally O?
I know personally for me, it has happened on occasion after being intimate. Didn't know if that was a possibility.

I hope you figure things out,

koala_kaper 01-15-10 01:22 PM

Ever since dd#2 was born 16 and a half months ago, my cycles have been messed up and crazy so I never O on the same day.

I have a feeling that's what it was from though, I've been doing a bunch of reading and it says that it's pretty common to bleed a little during O time :huh: guess I'll figure it out in a couple of weeks!

Oreo 01-15-10 10:43 PM

Could be just some spotting/break through bleeding since you said up above that your periods have been messed up for a while.. :huh:


koala_kaper 01-16-10 11:44 AM

I have been feeling kinda "off" lately... I SOOO wanna test, but I don't know if it's too soon! I still have 3 tests left over from last time, so maybe I will test soon...