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Well I have my date! Print Version

countrycutieluv 01-19-10 03:25 PM

Well I have my date!
My apointment is for Feb 1st @ 1:30! :switch:
I'm so excited...but nervous. I couldn't believe they got me in so quick. I just wish dh could be here for it he is always such great support.
So my ex is picking up ds from school that day and my dd can walk home.
The kids are taken care of! I feel like a huge weight of my shoulders....maybe I will actually get heard this time.

So I have all my lab work that I have had done since my tubal reversal.
So is there anything I should ask him or say? I don't want to go in there and "waste" the visit.

LAB 01-19-10 03:32 PM

:dancing: I'm so glad you're getting in quick! I don't have any experience, but I'm getting excited for you to get started!

Laura :)

Mark'sbabygirl 01-19-10 03:38 PM

It will not be a wasted visit, Carrie! Just give them a detailed description of everything you have been going through- the doc will take your history and go from there. I know it is nerve wracking, but for me I felt so much better when I had some answers and a plan- even though it was not fun hearing some bad news. Keep us posted! I'll be thinking of you!

countrycutieluv 01-19-10 06:08 PM

I guess my biggest fear is the doctor saying that its something that can't be fixed.
My ob (military) said that he will probably want to do an hsg just to make sure my tube is still open.She thinks that there is a chance ALL my pregnancy's are in my tube.
She also said that my blood work looked fine but he may be a little more picky about my numbers.
I'm really anxious to see what his first plan of action will be,since I can get pregnant what is he going to do to keep me that way?
I'm so excited,scared and anxious its unreal.I'm sure everyone has some sort of understanding.
The not knowing and wondering is the worst.
Now its hurry up and wait!

amitrat 01-19-10 07:28 PM

Good luck! :) Hopefully, you get some answers!