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Dh explained how he felt...... Print Version

countrycutieluv 01-22-10 11:17 PM

Dh explained how he felt......
Well as most know I have my counsult with the RE on Feb 1st.
So over chat dh and I disscussed how far "we" are willing to go to have a baby. We know our insurance wont cover IUI's or IVF,just the diagnosis and treatment of the issue.
So I tried to explain and prepair dh for what they may or may not do for treatment. I kind of wanted a game plan in place.
So dh said that he doesn't want to do IVF since there is no guarantee and there is so much involved,he doesn't want me to go though all that.
The only other thing that he stated was after two more losses (I pray that doesn't happen) then he is done trying. He doesn't want us to go through that its too hard on both of us.
While I understand where he is coming from and I respect him coming forward and putting his foot down (he never does). I'm a little sad to see an end.
Now nothing is set in stone as to our issues or if we will ever have another loss, but to know that there is a final well bitter sweet I guess.
I don't dispute dh's dissition at all and completly respect his point of view..I think I'm proud that he finally spoke up!

Cari 01-24-10 10:22 AM

Aww well Im sure it has been a hard road for him as well and he only has the best in mind for the welfare of you both! Thats horrible that your insurance doesn't cover either. I spoke with one of the girls i work with who had IVF and our insurance covers 80%, even then she said she still had to pay $42,000. She said her daughter is like her little car payment every month! Please keep us updated as to what the re says on the first! Best of luck!

Oreo 02-01-10 09:43 PM

So how did it go today with the RE???

I understand where your DH is coming from. I hope he has an open mind to the plans/ideas from your RE.

I am hoping to hear some good news from you soon!

countrycutieluv 02-01-10 09:45 PM

I posted a new thread on my re appointment! Thanks for all the encouragment!