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countrycutieluv 03-10-10 06:45 PM

Back from the RE!
So first off he is wonderful!
He reviewed my file and said that some of my blood tests were NOT normal:eek2:. EVERYBODY had said they were!
My protien S was low normal is 70-129 and mine was 60.My TSH was off (I dont remember exactly what).There was NO prolactin results and there was another blood clot disorder he wanted to check for.He said that my progesterone was a little low at 10.7 when the test was done (while I was pg).
So he had me redo and do additional bloods today.

On to the Umm news...Not quite sure what to think about it still so any thoughts are appreciated.
He did an ultrasound and found I have 3 fibroids in my uterus :madmoon: one was pretty large. He said that may have caused the m/c's but we don't know that for sure because we don't know when they showed up and because of the other blood work.
So were checking the bloods again and then go from there. I go back in 2 weeks and get results.He said at this point if the protien S is still low we will do Heprin/asprin and probably progesterone.
In the mix of everything I didn't get any information on the fibroids.Can they be removed? I assume I can concieve with them since were continuing with the blood work.
Anybody know?
All in all Im excited I know him and I are on the same page.
He also mentioned why I was there for a 2nd opinion and I explained the other doctor wanting to do IVF! My doctor said..."Oh no that wont fix the reason your m/c" Made me feel like I wasnt' crazy.
So I go back in on the 24th for my results,there staff is awesome too! :gbounce:

Valleygirl 03-10-10 07:35 PM

WOW at least it seems like this guy has his head on right!

LAB 03-10-10 08:06 PM

Fabulous news! I'm so glad you got in with him! I'm not sure on the fibroids. I'm sure there was just so much going on that it was overlooked for treatment. I'd ask when you go back or call tomorrow and ask!

I'm so glad he's taking this seriously and getting the tests you need! Did you talk about the test Deanna said you might want?

Laura :)

countrycutieluv 03-10-10 08:09 PM

I did mention it to him.He said that if everything on my end seems ok then and only then will he look at dh.
With the low blood results he is looking to me first,and since dh is STILL gone thats fine with me.

LAB 03-10-10 08:18 PM

Sounds great! I'm just so glad he didn't blow you off and of course he'd want to make sure you are in top shape first! He seems very proactive and on the ball! Much better then the other guy you went to! I'm so glad you went for a second opinion!

Laura :)