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Amazingly nervous about follow up tomorrow Print Version

countrycutieluv 03-23-10 11:25 PM

Amazingly nervous about follow up tomorrow
So tomorrow I'm going to the RE for the results of the blood tests he ran two weeks ago.He did a repeat of my protine S that was a low and prolactin and some other blood clotting disorter.
A part of me is hoping that the protine S is low again...that would mean that I have some sort of blood clott disorder. If its normal then we have to look at the other tests and maybe some other issues.
Thankfully dh is going with me this time around. I think this is going to be the appointment that is going to make me loose it.I hope I can hold it together.I didn't loose it when I found out my "normal" blood tests were NOT normal and when I found out that I have 3 fibroids! It may just be issue coming up to a point that may break me.

LAB 03-24-10 02:31 AM

:ghug: I'm glad your DH will be there for support! Let us know how it goes!

Laura :)

countrycutieluv 03-24-10 11:54 AM

I will keep you all posted!
Poor dh just got home Thursday and is now on swings.They started pulling 12 hour shifts this week 6pm-6am. He is going to be so exhausted today.I even gave him an out so he could get some sleep.Nope he demanded to go! :lol:

Dopey406 03-24-10 12:25 PM

That's good that he wanted to go. I'm glad you can do this together. :hug:

Mark'sbabygirl 03-24-10 03:23 PM

I will be thinking of you- don't worry about losing it- like we said before- many of us have done that and it is okay! Glad DH will be with you!