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One more thing checked off the list.... Print Version

countrycutieluv 04-08-10 08:53 PM

One more thing checked off the list....
Dh went to give blood for the chromosone testing today.:nervous: There saying about a month to get the results :eek2:. Seems like nothing but a waiting game, did I mention I'm very impatient.:laughing: It took the doctor forever to get the referal to us for the blood draw.Dh has to get the blood done on base because he is active duty,so we had to wait for the paperwork.:madmoon:
I'm temping and well it could go was REALLY hard to do it on vaccation but I did it :tup:.
Don't know really what to do with Ovulation happening here in less the a week......ugg.
So thats my little update!:)

Oreo 04-08-10 09:27 PM

Well, I'm not sure with the O coming either... I guess I'd say to let this month pass and just wait on some news so you have better odds of getting a healthy bean to stick.

Glad to hear that DH got his bloodwork done.

WAITING SUCKS!!!! :xfingers: hope the time flies!!

countrycutieluv 04-08-10 09:32 PM

I'm actually expecting this test to be the deciding factor. I don't know if its me wanting an answer or gut feeling but I think this is the entire reason. I'm already prepaired and researching stearlization.
I will actually be shocked if this test is all clear.
I know it probably sounds morbid but I guess its just the way I expect the worst but not hoping for the best.
Ugg I do hope time flies though.....

MrsS1stbaby 04-09-10 08:26 AM

I hope this test will provide some enlightenment to the docs! Try to just focus of having a carefree, spring-is-here kind of month!

Mark'sbabygirl 04-12-10 11:28 AM

Here's hoping time flies VERY quickly!