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koala_kaper 04-29-10 02:10 PM

Not sure where to put this one
I figured this was as good a board as any!

After sending a message I came to the realization that I really don't know what to do right now with our TTC journey. My heart says one thing my mind says another. I want to have another baby in the worst way and my heart is telling me to start trying right away, just go for it, but my mind says no, not until after the huge 2 week long trip in June because I don't want the extra added stress of "what if something happens again" while we're supposed to be having a great time! (Not to mention part of our trip will be in Disney and I want to go on rides with the kids there!) From what I gather from dh, he wants whatever I want with this, but he too wants more kids, we both want a very large family. I realize my body needs time to heal, but how long after a D&C are you supposed to wait? After my 1st m/c my Dr said to wait two cycles. This time she really didn't say anything about it.

Also, I still keep thinking I AM pregnant (I wouldn't think I actually am, dh and I just started DTD again not THAT long ago... I suppose anything is possible, but I would say not likely at this point!) I mean seriously, I have sore BB's, can't eat certain stuff without feeling kinda blah, and I have the dropsies like you wouldn't believe. I don't WANT to take a test bc if there happens to be enough horomone in my system from before, I don't want that to have an effect on anything, but at the same time I kinda wanna know if it's out of my system yet too!

Sorry, I guess I just kinda needed to get that out there. Any advice is very much welcomed, and please, feel free to "smack me", even if it is just with words to snap me back into whatever reality I need to get back to! I am just at such a cross-roads right now and at a major loss as to what I should do!

imagine 04-29-10 04:24 PM

After my D&C the doctor said I could start trying again right away with the next cycle. It was 5 months later when I finely conceived my son. I understand not wanting to try again right away though, especially with a big trip coming up. although when I got pg again it was after planning a big trip and I have a few friends who were TTC and ended up having to cancel big trips due to conceiving. lol so it might be good luck! then again if you do get pg right away you will spend the whole time worried and might even have morning sickness so it's a hard decision.

rudolphia 04-29-10 07:58 PM

I was told to go once I had a cycle after my d&c. It took us another 6 months to conceive again. I would wait until after your trip for peace of mind.