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So confused! Print Version

koala_kaper 05-03-10 12:29 PM

So confused!
People are going to be putting a blonde steryotype on me and I've been a brunette all my life!

First, a TMI warning, I'm sure there's some in here! Ok, so we are not necessarily "trying" to conceive yet, per say, but we are not exactly preventing right now either, BUT it's only been 10 days since we've started DTD and finishing inside, before that we were pulling out and that was for about a week and a half. Now, 13 days ago I started having what I thought was AF. It last 3 days and was not overly heavy, but most definately more than just spotting. But now, 10 days after it stopped (and for a couple of days now actually), my boobs are just killing me! Bras hurt and I can't let dh get near them! I'm also, a little crampy feeling, but nothing major. I'm a little tired, but more in the morning than throughout the day. I'm not sick feeling (unless I let myself get too hungry.) And I'm totally gaining weight even though I'm not eating any more than I have been for months now (if anything I'm eating a little less.) I mean, it's to the point where today I feel almost depressed because all my nicer looking shirts are tighter fitting and I couldn't wear any of them so I had to pull out a smaller maternity top and hope to God it's not obvious!

I guess what I'm trying to get at is this: Could I be pregnant? Could I still have any pregnancy horomone in me from before the D&C that would mess with a pregnancy test? And should I take a test and hope that there's no pregnancy horomone in me from before? I'm sure I know the answers but I think I need to hear it from someone else, I think the truth scares me too much right now!