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koala_kaper 06-04-10 12:01 PM

He talked me into it
I'm such a ball of emotions lately so I'm not sure why, but I let dh talk me into TTC again before our trip instead of waiting til after like I originally wanted to do. I figure if it happens, it happens. I've been waiting for O time since the weekend, thought for sure it would be around Monday, but aparently my calculations are off or something. But anyway, we've been BDing every other day since last Friday. Dh is getting slightly frustrated with the every other day thing, but oh well!

The unfortunate thing is, if I don't get pg this cycle, I can most definately expect AF during our trip (We are driving to CO and FL for 2 family reunions) and that just sucks! Eh, we'll see what happens I guess! Wish me luck!

MrsS1stbaby 06-04-10 12:11 PM

This following is only my opinion, and please don't take any of it the wrong way. It only comes from honest concern for you and your well-being!

I hope this works out for you, but I really encourage you to think about this and make the decision that is right for you. I know from reading on here that you thought long & hard & worked out all the reason's why you should wait, and honestly they made sense to me. You shouldn't feel pressured to do anything, especially something so personal a decision and July (and your trip) are not that far away. I mean, my dd will be 2 in July and trust me it will come faster than I want it to! And with the way you have been feeling lately, I just don't think you need the added stress. And if you get your AF during your trip, oh well! It was going to happen anyways, you can't stop Mother Nature! (well, except with Tampax Pearl tampons, according to the commercials, lol) You're a big girl now!

And what exactly is your Dh upset about DTD every other day? My Dh would be hog-heaven! LOL

MrsS1stbaby 06-04-10 12:18 PM

Deleted duplicate entry....

savannah33 06-04-10 12:48 PM

I have to agree with MrsS. I don't want to be negative but honestly with all the m/c you've dealt with I think the worry over being PG and a m/c while on your trip would be horrible. I personally think waiting and enjoying your trip would be good therapy.

Sorry. I hope this works out for the best.

Mark'sbabygirl 06-04-10 05:20 PM

Well, seeing as how you have already been bd'ing- the decision was already made, lol! I am sure EITHER way you will be able to enjoy your trip!