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Update to my flip flop thread... Print Version

MrsS1stbaby 08-19-10 11:46 AM

Update to my flip flop thread...
I must have been in a bad mood that week & letting little things get to me, b/c I have been in a much better mood & haven't gotten overly frustrated w/dd or Dh since then! Honestly, one things that made a difference was a fellow mom (her dd is 1.5 months younger than mine) telling me goes through the exact same struggles and that I really just need to choose my battles. (I know, so simple and a DUH-moment for me!) So what if dd doesn't want to wear the PJ's I layed out? She has others that she can choose from or just sleep in her diaper-why am I getting so worked up over it? Definitly think I was having a hormone imblance or something, lol!

DD is also getting in 2 teeth on her top row (FINALLY) and now we wonder if that contributed to her behavior, which then contributed to mine. Whatever it was, she's been a lot more relaxed this past week as have I. And last might watching dd play w/her doll-giving it a bath & rocking it, I about started crying.

I am starting to think we should just go for it this month & see what happens. Now just gotta talk to Dh about it.

savannah33 08-19-10 12:06 PM


Oreo 08-19-10 12:57 PM

So glad things are easing up and you are enjoying your baby girl.

Hope the talk with SH goes well. Maybe just bypass the talking and hit the sheets instead????

Mark'sbabygirl 08-19-10 02:42 PM

Haha....I like THAT idea!!!! Go for it!

MrsS1stbaby 08-19-10 03:25 PM


Originally Posted by Oreo (Post 3001201)
Hope the talk with SH goes well. Maybe just bypass the talking and hit the sheets instead????

hahaha, yes, but at some point he reaches over the nightstand to get a condom & I would have to say, "Don't worry about it." And he'll be like, "What? Are you sure? Should we talk about this? Did you call the insurance company yet?" Talk about a mood-killer! I would rather get that out of the way before-hand, lol!