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A poem I wrote Print Version

imagine 11-06-10 01:08 AM

A poem I wrote
Unborn angel!

A faint line, positive sign
Tiny baby was already mine.

Why did you have to leave my womb,
while your life was just starting to bloom?

A new life was already planned
This cruel joke I will never understand.

Why did you come just to leave me?
Why canít my pain leave just as quickly?

Is this a punishment from God Above?
Did I not pray enough, or prove my love?

The world keeps going it canít stay still.
Time must go on in order to heal.

As the dayís go by I must learn to mourn
A precious life that will never be born.

Andrea Schinze

Oreo 11-06-10 09:55 PM

Yup, just sums it up perfectly.

So sorry this came your way. It's unfair all the way around.

:bighug: thanks for sharing!

Chickie 11-06-10 10:35 PM

:hugsad: The poem is beautiful. I can feel your pain and I am so sorry.

3Princes 11-07-10 09:05 PM

:hugsad: I like the poem. I hate that you have the experience to write it.