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My Journey to get to this point Print Version

Oreo 09-15-11 09:17 PM


I'm really sorry to hear you had so much difficulty with all of this Steph. I also had an ectopic and remember the rollercoaster all too well.

I hope your heart heals soon and you are able to heal physically as well so you can move forward if you want to at that point.

It always seems that others are popping up pregnant when it is hardest for us and it sure does sting.

Times will change. Hang in there!


stephwit2 09-16-11 05:47 PM

Thanks Oreo!

your so right, glad i know there are others out there that know and feel what i have been through. It's so hard. I want to try again eventually but i'm really scared.. :(

I know, I know one day it'll happen if it's meant to be.

Thank you all so much

MrsS1stbaby 09-27-11 09:20 PM

I'm so sorry; my thoughts are with you and your family!

dazzyshahu 09-21-17 01:14 AM

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