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Elizabeth 05-14-12 09:58 AM

:bighug: I've been wondering how you were doing. Please know you are in my thoughts, and we all are always here to listen if you need us.

Payday1989 05-15-12 05:05 PM

I do have an aunt that I can talk to, she doesn't exactly understand as she never had a miscarriage, but she is one person I can trust to keep things between us. I try to keep my mind off of as I have college, work, and taking care of my 2 1/2 year old son.

MrsS1stbaby 05-17-12 10:24 AM

My little girl was almost 2 when I had my m/c and honestly she was the main thing that got me through; it was hard to be sad and down when I had to take care of her, play with her, and watch her learn new things. She had no clue what had happened and her smiles and giggles were a ray of light!

Dopey406 05-17-12 10:48 AM

My last of 5 losses was over 4 years ago and my heart is still sad. I found in my experience that talking about it with a sympathetic friend or family member or here. The more I talked about it, the more I worked through my feelings. But there are still days when the sadness is gripping. Still, those days are few and very far between.

We're here for you. :bighug:

Payday1989 05-20-12 10:44 PM

Is it normal to get a period the next month on time, well actually 3 days early?