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Dopey406 05-21-12 03:58 PM

Unfortunately, yes. It's normal. Heartwrenching, but normal. :hugsad:

Payday1989 05-24-12 03:37 AM

Sometimes I wish life was easier, but then if it was I wouldn't have anything to live by to become stronger and live through the things I go through.

Dopey406 05-24-12 08:52 AM


dazzyshahu 09-21-17 01:06 AM

I am so sorry friend. I can understand your pain full situation in your life. I am feeling pity and pain from bottom of my heart. You need not panic about this horrible problem in your life. You should follow positive attitude toward life to get sufficient positive energy to face this difficult situation in your life. I want to express kind heart Gods gratitude to provide this reliable platform to share my personal life experience that is sufficient to overcome this difficult situation in your life very easily on behalf of my personal life experience. I am total surprised to see that you are facing same problem like me. You should not miss this golden opportunity in life.
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