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Miscarriage after an ruptured ectopic surgery :( Print Version

jyoti 03-13-14 01:24 PM

Miscarriage after an ruptured ectopic surgery :(
Lost my baby once again after an horrible ectopic surgery 6 months back mu baby was due on 25 Sept 2014,filled with lot of sorrow and grieve someone pleasee help to go through this and what to do

dazzyshahu 09-21-17 12:28 AM

I am so sorry friend for your miscarriage problem. You should not lose hope. You can easily overcome this horrible problem with advanced medical research based treatment available in this advanced world. I am total surprised to see that you are facing same problem like me in your life that create golden opportunity in my life to overcome this horrible problem on behalf of my personal life experience that give satisfaction to me. I am feeling pity and pain regarding your miscarriage problem from bottom of my heart. It is time to accept God wish strong heart and planning for next pregnancy to avoid miscarriage possibility in easy and effective way to learn from your past mistake.
You should choose medical way to convert your dream into reality to avoid miscarriage problem in your life. We consult with gynecologist to discuss miscarriage cause and symptoms that help you to overcome pregnancy possibility at early stage that is beneficial for you in many ways. You should not miss this golden opportunity with appropriate planning to overcome this horrible problem in short time period to conceive easily just two and three month with healthy balanced diet and lifestyle that provide proper blood supply to all reproduction system with effective morning walk and easy exercises as your capacity and endurance to enhance the level of difficulty to enjoy maximum benefit in short time period. You should understand your body signal very well. It is very important to maintain your body and mind in balanced to remove stress and depression with powerful yoga and meditation. This is medical certified fact that stress and depression are responsible factor for miscarriage possibility. I hope you get good news soon like me.