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Back to school

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  • tammiane tammiane's Avatar 08-05-07 | 05:04 PM
  • For those with school-aged kids....

    So....when do your kids go back to school? Have you started the back-to-school shopping yet? Are you ready for summer to be overwith?
  • tammiane tammiane's Avatar 08-05-07 | 05:06 PM
  • I can't believe our summer is almost over! Lauren starts 2nd grade in just 17 days!! That really snuck up on me! We are going next week for her school shopping I actually love school shopping so it should be fun. I am not ready for summer to be over though, we have been having a blast! We've been to the Lake so many times, gone on bike rides, visited with friends and family..Im not ready to get back into the school routine!
  • cynthia cynthia's Avatar 08-05-07 | 10:26 PM
  • Both girls start on August 27th. Funny thing is, they are both really excited to go! Savannah is SO excited to go to her new school and meet her new friends there. Alyssa is super excited to go to her first full day school. We already started school shopping last week. Didnt get a ton yet, but a good start!

    I dont think its gonna feel like summer is over, even after school starts. We will continue to do the summery things like going to the pool, the lake, and its so warm here through October the summer feel will last longer than it did in CA. We wont have as much free time, but we will still make time to do the fun things in the warm weather.
  • Stef22 Stef22's Avatar 08-09-07 | 12:17 AM
  • My kids went back DS went into second and my DD went into Kindergarden. I stay home, so with them gone, the house is so quiet, and it feels so wierd. I have 44 days left by myself till baby comes! Then it will be back to a normal feeling
  • MImom23 MImom23's Avatar 08-09-07 | 10:50 AM
  • My kids don't go back til after labor day, but I don't know exactly what day. the kids are ready to go back, I have heard "i'm board" more then I can handle. but we have a fun busy week ahead of us next week as our 4H fair starts next tuesday. I haven't bought much as far as supplys go I know most of what they need but we don't get lists til school starts. As for cloths we are hoping to stop at the outlet mall on our way down state mid month.
    DD is going into 3rd and DS is going to 1st grade

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