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Child care expenses..

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  • addygirl addygirl's Avatar 06-07-06 | 03:23 PM
  • You would NEVER find a place worth taking them too (if even then) for less than $100+ a week per kid. I get a "family" discount so she only charges me the $150 a week for both kids.

    I understand what you are saying ..BELIEVE ME!! but it's your kids, your pride and joy and they are 100% responsible for them for 8+ hours a day! I don't think that $100 a week per kid is unreasonable.

    I think the dc CENTERS are way over priced in my area. They want $150+ per kid, per week.
    It's crazy!

    That would be 1/2 my annual salary each year. SIGHHHH

    It's such a catch 22 as Alison said. I work because dh is self-employed and we need the insurance. Plus, I've already put in 17 years and want me retirement!

    Good luck sweetie.
  • rudolphia rudolphia's Avatar 06-07-06 | 11:48 PM
  • Gosh, I can't even imagine finding someone to watch my baby for $2.50 an hour. I've reserved a slot for him in March, when my maternity leave will end, and his care will be $277 a week!

    I hope you can find something that's affordable and gives you peace of mind that your girls are being well cared for.
  • cheekymonkey 06-08-06 | 01:10 AM

    Holy cow.

    Yea see like the places around here some of them aren't like nice at all u know? and they want outragious prices.

    SOO here this is what I came up with. Let me know what y'all think. It's about the only resonable thing I know to do bc it's either work or not work and really not be able to pay anything. It's like y'all said it's a horrible catch 22 and I really don't want to be in it argh..anyway

    I called my friend Jenni here who has watched my kids before. She's really sweet person and she watches kids to help make ends meet. Well we worked out a deal. I get 500.00 in food stamps which is WAY to much money for food. So I said I can afford to pay her 250 a month and then I can take her grocery shopping also.. What do you think? I figure. LoL this way Welfare is helping me with child care.. honestly what do u think?? Jenni, the girl I know has 2 kids herself and has a nice house just in a bad spot like me and she was more than happy to take that route. I feel really cheesy though, but I figure. Once I get all my bills caught up I can up it to 400 a month that way its up to par. What y'all think?
    Now I"m nervous.
  • Pumkin Pumkin's Avatar 06-09-06 | 04:22 PM
  • If she is willing than I think that is fine. I hope it works out and is a good solution for you.

    I pay $4 an hour per child ($8 an hour) and we only have them there about 4 hours or so a day. It costs us anywhere from $600-$700 a month
    Believe me, I know where your coming from. Between daycare and gas (that runs us almost $500 a month) we would save $800 easily if I weren't working. Yet, that isn't enough for me to actually quit
  • alicia67 alicia67's Avatar 06-09-06 | 07:35 PM
  • If you decide to pay her through your foodstamps, be careful not to let too many people know you are doing it. I imagine that is considered fraud and if you get caught, you could lose your FS.

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