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help with a unhappy newborn

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  • MariahsMommy 06-05-06 | 12:49 AM
  • The ladies have given you some pretty good advice. All I can think of is continue to try swaddling. I have had some babies who have to be double swaddled, quite tight! If the baby seems to not calm down with music, hearing a heartbeat, etc. you may want to suggest she keep her in a dark room that is very quiet, or maybe has a white noise like a fan. babies get overstimulated so easy sometimes! Its so hard when you don't know why they are crying
  • tamilee 06-05-06 | 01:03 AM
  • Our baby had a hernia so he was super fussy from day 1. The only way to get him to sleep was to sing to him . The only song he likes is "you are my sunshine" I sing this over and over and over and over and over well you get the idea. Plus our surgeon and ped reccomended a boppy pillow in the crib he loves it. I;m currently trying to wean him from that. NOw I have been taking him for a ride in the care until he is asleep on really fussy nights. Also maybe when she is awake during the day and not anywhere ready for a nap let her spend some alone time in the crib or bassinet so she is awake and aware that its ok to be in there alone. Mama will always come back. Good luck to your sister.
  • tamilee 06-05-06 | 01:06 AM
  • Skyqueen I cant tell you how many nights I spent in the recliner with Ryan on my tummy Whatever works.
  • skyqueen skyqueen's Avatar 06-05-06 | 01:25 AM
  • oh, and my DD would NOT sleep on her back.
    She even was able to roll herself onto her side -- all by herself -- from a mere couple days old (it was actually freaky).
    so we had wedges (specially sold for infants sleeping on their side) and put the wedges in front and behind her and she slept like that happily for several months, then, she was old enough to really start being mobile and we had to wean her off of the wedges.. and that was about a week of sleepless nights during that process too
  • Allison Allison's Avatar 06-05-06 | 10:44 AM
  • My DD would only sleep on her stomach, in her bouncy seat, on top of a faux fur throw!! talk about picky!! I slept beside her in the recliner with my hand on her back. Well, I say slept. You can't sleep while doing that. But it got her used to sleeping without being held. I would say if she's especially fussy she might try giving her a little mylecon after a feeding before she lays down, to rule out gas. Also, when the crying got really bad, I would lay in a warm bath with her. That helped calm her down. I guess my message is let her sleep wherever she will! It really will get better!