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Sleep, or lack there of

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  • Lnicholas1002 11-18-15 | 07:40 AM
  • I have a 2 month old wonderful baby boy, his sleep schedule obviously isn't very solid, so we catch naps when we can, but I've noticed recently that the longer I go without sleep and then finally get a few hours, my dreams are so vivid they wake me up! Does anyone else experience this?
  • BabyCayde 12-26-15 | 12:48 PM
  • I am a vivid dreamer regardless. But for me.. I find myself not dreaming at all. It's like I never fall into a deep enough sleep to get there.
  • HazelY 10-19-16 | 02:42 AM
  • My sister has experienced this
  • richardmeyer2 12-06-16 | 06:40 AM
  • Don't worry I think your problem will solve soonly
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  • katrinarichs45 03-08-17 | 12:59 AM
  • There is nothing to worry at all. My brother has experienced the same and now he is getting a deep calm sleep.