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Default what kind of mattress do you have?

what kind of mattress do you have? DO you flip it occasionally?

when we moved we bought a pillow top mattress and i really like it but it's not the kind you flip
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We have a Simmons Beautyrest pillow top we bought a few years ago that we love. It's also not the kind you flip.
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I know it's a pillow top, but I can't remember the brand.
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We are actually wanting to buy a new matteress. I don't know what we have now
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When we move we will be getting a whole new bed and the one we have now will go to DS, as his first "big boy" bed (He' still in the crib for now simply because we don't have room for a bed for him!) I have no idea the brand of mattress, but on top of the mattress we have a feather bed that's REALLY comfy and REALLY annoying because we constantly have to reposition it on the bed.
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