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Child care expenses.. Print Version

cheekymonkey 06-07-06 12:33 AM

Child care expenses..
I have a question..

Ed has been watching the kids since I've been working. Well he's going TDY next week and I have been searching for a new sitter. Down to earth treat my kids like sort of thing okay? Well I'm so cross on trying to figure out how much to pay. I can't afford a lot right now I figure 200 a month until I can get my bills paid off and what not, but my question is how do u eve figure out the payment?? Like I make their lunches every night and they have plenty to eat when they did go to daycare, but I can't afford a day care center they are outragious and I swear they price gouge. Any ideas?? My kids are self sufficent also they entertain eachother. What do u think?

addygirl 06-07-06 09:15 AM

Are you thinking you will find a full-time sitter to watch your kids for $200 a MONTH? I'm a bit confused. (I'm blonde :wink: )

Even if they are self-sufficent, someone is responsible for their safety and whatnot.

I pay my sil $150 a week (and that's for TWO kids) and that is pretty cheap around here.

Maybe you mean you only need someone here and there???

Clarify how many hours...what time of day...etc. and then maybe we can give a better suggestion of how much to pay someone.


savannah33 06-07-06 09:27 AM


I pay $100 a week per child at a center but that's really a great price with meals and snacks included.

~Debra~ 06-07-06 09:59 AM

I pay $112.50 a week for Sarah plus we have to either send a breakfast and lunch or buy them from the school...

TTUAlison 06-07-06 10:18 AM

I was paying $120/week for Susan's daycare.