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SoccerPlayerMom 07-22-12 01:36 AM

I just saw these adorable pacifiers and fell in love:


MollysMommy 08-01-12 05:32 PM

those are really cute!
I bought a bunch of paci's for Molly
and she won't even take to one :(

SoccerPlayerMom 08-01-12 08:36 PM

Uh oh:( I keep hearing that you can never predict what they're going to go for.

MollysMommy 08-01-12 08:40 PM

yeah, and I spent alot of money on different ones, well wasted :/ and you cant really resell those items unless they are still packaged and I took them all out before she was born. so be cautious. lol

MrsS1stbaby 08-01-12 09:03 PM

Many of my friends babies didn't take to the pacifiers. One friend has small tin container full of them b/c neither of sons never took them and now she doesn't know what to do with them. I'm sure she has thrown them out by now, lol!

We didn't introduce them until after a month, but even after that it still took both of mine until about 2 or 3 months. My older one discovered her thumb quickly, so she didn't really need it, but we still offered it at nap & bed times. (and she still sucks her thumb at 4 years old)

My lil man though? He NEEDED one- he was killing my boobs b/c I think he just always had to be sucking on something so I gladly gave it to him whenever he wanted it. He used his a lot more than his sister as a result and we dealt with his crying and crying to sleep, which was a new thing, for about 2 weeks when we took it away after he turned 1.