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3 going on 16!

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  • Jen_C Jen_C's Avatar 09-06-09 | 03:31 PM
  • So we have quiet time when Cora doesn't take a nap - she gets to watch a movie. She likes the little mermaid so she has seen it a few times. The other day she told me ... "I'm not a child" in a very sassy voice. I just started busting up laughing.

    Yesterday she was being very rowdy at dinner. When she finished I told her to go to the living room so Preston could eat without being distracted. As she climed down from her chair she said "Whatever!" OH GEEZZ!!!
  • Erinn Erinn's Avatar 09-07-09 | 11:30 AM
  • That one has a lot of spirit!
  • JagsAli JagsAli's Avatar 09-09-09 | 03:10 PM
  • LOL too funny.