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4 month visit

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  • ~Sonya~ ~Sonya~'s Avatar 02-02-07 | 10:35 PM
  • Aibhlinn had her 4 month visit today. She now weighs 12lbs. 12oz., so she gained 2lbs. 12oz, almost 3 lbs, still around the 25th percentile. She is now 24 1/2 inches, so she grew 2 inches and is around the 50th percentile. And H.C. is 15 3/4. She was quite happy in the office and smiled and cooed at the pedi. Then I was standing behind her and she couldn't see where I was so she totally freaked out at the dr. and started screaming her head off. Talk about separation anxiety! And even when I held her but faced her out, she was puckering her lip at the pedi. She got two shots today and of course screamed and cried for what felt like forever. I asked if I could nurse her there in the room and they told me to stay as long as I wanted. Once I had her nursed, she was fine and took a brief nap on the way to my Dad's. Once we were there, she was extremely cranky and never let up. I finally took her home and she was cranky for the rest of the day/night until she finally fell asleep. I've been pumping her full of Tylenol every 4 hours but her legs are really bothering her. She doesn't want to be touched in that area at all! Hopefully, she'll be able to sleep tonight and start to feel a little better tomorrow.

    Here's a before and after of the shots.
    Aivee right before we left for the dr.'s all smiley and happy-no idea what is to come.

    Then tonight-not even one tiny smile-just a sad, sad girl
  • rudolphia rudolphia's Avatar 02-03-07 | 02:58 AM
  • Poor sweetie! But what pretty pics!
  • rosalind9298 rosalind9298's Avatar 02-06-07 | 12:50 PM
  • she sure is adorable!
    poor baby!
    glad to hear she is growing nicely! i hope her shots didn't bother her much longer!
  • illaheebaby 02-06-07 | 08:00 PM
  • she's so gorgeous! hope she feels better!