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Aivee's sick

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  • ~Sonya~ ~Sonya~'s Avatar 01-19-07 | 06:51 PM
  • My poor girl is so down and out. Last night Jim started with a fever now and was all congested. Then in the middle of the night, Aivee woke up 3x and I just assumed it was because of teething and wanting to nurse. Then I heard that she was terribly congested and by this morning she was running a slight temp of 99.9, so I didn't think much of it. But then it shot up to 100.9 and since everyone else has been so sick, I figured I'd better take her to the pedi just to make sure it wasn't bacterial. I gave her tylenol but it didn't help her too much. By the time we got to the pedi at 12:45, her temp had reached 103. I felt so bad because I wasn't giving her enough tylenol. I was only giving her .4 but because her weight is now 12lbs. 8oz., I can give her double the dose and Motrin for another dose, alternating every 3 hours. Anyway, I am glad that I took her because she does have fluid in her ears and her throat is red, so she does have a bacterial infection and was put on amoxicillin. She looks so cute taking her meds because we have one of the medicine bottles that have the nipple on it and I harly ever get to see her with a bottle in her mouth, so it's pretty cute watching her take her antibiotics.

    Her fever has dropped, so she seems to be feeling a little better. She just doesn't want to lie down at all and needs to either sleep in her carseat, swing, or in the sling. Hopefully, she and all of us will be able to get some sleep tonight and her fever stays down.
  • rudolphia rudolphia's Avatar 01-19-07 | 08:14 PM
  • Poor Aivee! Hope she's better soon!
  • DEE DEE's Avatar 01-19-07 | 09:20 PM
  • Poor Aivee. I'm sorry she's feeling so miserable and hope she feels better soon.
  • mesbijoux mesbijoux's Avatar 01-20-07 | 01:31 AM
  • That just breaks my heart I hate seeing little ones so sick.

    I hope that Aivee starts feeling better ASAP with the antibiotics.

  • ~Sonya~ ~Sonya~'s Avatar 01-20-07 | 11:23 AM
  • Last night she finally fell asleep in my arms at 10:30 after being up for about 5 hours again. Everytime, she'd try to fall asleep, she'd wake herself up gagging on her own mucous. yuck! So, I just kept suctioning her out, which would put her into a screaming frenzy, so it would take me 10 minutes to calm her down. Jim slept downstairs last night so his coughing wouldn't disturb her. I laid down with her in bed and held her tightly to me and finally she drifted off. I didn't want to fall asleep like that because I was afraid that I would smother her, so I tried to stay alseep just long enough for her to be in a deep sleep. I fell asleep too but only about 10 minutes and I woke up in a panic fearing that she wasn't breathing. She was fine of course, but then I was able to lie her down next to me in her side sleeper slightly elevated and she slept until 5:30am, which was great. When we got up, I checked her temp and it was just 99, so that is normal for her. I gave her another dose of antibiotics and some tylenol just to keep her comfortable-she's still pretty achey. She went back to sleep around 6:30am in her swing and slept util 8:30. When she got up her temp was still down and she is starting to sound less congested, so I think we are doing pretty well.

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