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Default Catch me up!

Okay, I know I've been scarce, so catch me up on what all the little ones have been doing!

From my end, Becca is doing great. My procrastination paid off, and she finally potty trained with no effort from me (aren't I a lazy mom? ). She's not even having any accidents (knock on wood), and even convinced her mommy to let her go to bed without a diaper. She assures me that she is a big girl who doesn't wear diapers anymore.

However, getting her to sleep in her bed is becoming a challenge. I finally got her out of the habit of coming to sleep in my bed, but then she decided that her bed was "too scary." Too scary because of all the stuffed animals on it. She decided to sleep on the floor instead until it became "too scary." Now, she's decided the wagon, yes, the little red wagon looks like a great place to sleep. I decided to let her and move her once she fell asleep, but the instant her little head hit the pillow on the bed, sleepy Becca said, "Nooooo, Mommy, I wanna sleep in the wagon!" And in her sleep deprived state, she went back to lie down in the wagon.

Other than the sleeping, she's doing great! Their preschool is almost ready (it's brand new and is still under construction) and is expected to open at the end of September. The girls are super-excited about their new uniforms. Becca's age group doesn't actually have to wear uniforms since they're still potty training, but one look at Susan's and Becca decided that she was supposed to wear uniforms too.

So, what are your little ones up to?
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SO glad you're back! It sounds like things are going well with Susan & Becca (love the wagon sleeping!). The pics in your new siggy are adorable.

Aislinn is nearly potty-trained, we converted her crib to a toddler bed and she's been so-so with that transition (I've found her sleeping on the floor), and she'll be starting part-time child care at a family home provider's 5 minutes from my office.
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Sounds like she's doing great!

Marek's still a challenge, but he is talking really well and knows how to sing his ABCs and Take Me Out to the Ballgame (as well as Let's Go Go-Go White So.
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glad you rback around, we have missed you, love the new siggy too

Ava is striving tons. However the potty is a no go so sfar. she loves to sit on it, but never does anything. i am not pushing it right now, i think in the winter when we are in the house a lot more, i will work more on it. i am taking the somewhat lazy approach too right now

otherwise we are great. hope to see you around more lately..

and GAvin just got his first tooth, and is working on the crawling thing, so i am gonna be chasing after a baby soon,
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Glad to see you back! sounds like everyone is doing well. Nothing new really to report here, just that she speaks ALOT more, sings songs, talks a little in Spanish and still knows a little sign language. She has 3 Spanish speaking teachers at her school. Smart as a whip! We have not broken her bed down yet, and she is using the potty on and off. Other then that she swims like a fish!

Oh and absolutely LOVE your new Siggy!!!! did you do that yourself?? I love the b/w w/ the color.
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