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Diaper Rash Creams....

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  • DEE DEE's Avatar 01-10-07 | 04:48 PM
  • I discovered something last night. Julia's skin is very, very sensitive. When she was a newborn she started to get diaper rash and ever since then I've had to apply a light layer of diaper rash cream with every diaper change to prevent it. Everything I have read says that zinc oxide is what clears up diaper rash. We've been using Balmex which has 11% zinc oxide which is the highest I've been able to find and Balmex has worked best for us. Regular Desitin has 10% zinc oxide.

    A friend of mine came over with her 6 week old son yesterday and she had something called "Desitin Overnight" which I have never seen before. I looked at the ingredients and it has 40% zinc oxide! I couldn't believe it. I'm sure that's some powerful stuff. She said she found it at Walgreens.

    I just wanted to share my new discovery. Balmex works great for prevention for us but I've been worried about what I'm going to do if she gets a rash while she teeths, etc. I will definitely be on the lookout for a tube of Desitin Overnight!
  • Laurie Laurie's Avatar 01-10-07 | 04:51 PM
  • I do not like Desitin, even though I own a tube. I like Flanders Buttocks Ointment, or Bordeaux Butt Paste. Those are awesome!!
  • happe2day happe2day's Avatar 01-10-07 | 04:56 PM
  • yeah i was gonna say that butt paste is suppose to work well you can also try A & D Ointment too. that might help.
  • mesbijoux mesbijoux's Avatar 01-10-07 | 07:15 PM
  • Butt Paste has worked wonders for us as well. When things are really out of control (as they sometimes get b/c my son has had diarrhea since he was 1 month old) I end up having to use a triple antibiotic ointment (OTC) for him

    I'll have to look for the overnight ointment (maybe order it online) and give it a whirl - thanks for the info