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Discipline- I need some advice

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Old 05-24-12, 10:02 PM
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Default Discipline- I need some advice

Kendall is turning into a little diva..and dare I say, sometimes a total brat!

Tonight she was watching TV and already had been for awhile. She already had yelled at me once for blocking her view when I was sweeping. I told her that was disrespectful and the next time she spoke to me that way, I was turning the TV off. So then asked us to turn up the volume when her little brother was playing with a nosiy toy. When we didn't do it, she yelled at us. So I turned off the TV. She even tried to kick her dad. So I told her it was time for bed. She started crying. We went to her room, put PJ's on, brushed teeth (all while she cried) and then went back to living room to get her bear and say goodnight & sorry to daddy. She asked if I was going to read to her and I told her no b/c she was being naughty. Oh man, did that really start the waterworks!

But these are the things I question- Is denying her bedtime story a punsihment or just cruel? We just don't know what to do with her sometimes, nothing seems to get through. We have had rough couple of months with her. I am just hoping it will pass soon and we get somewhat of a break before her haughty 7-9 yr old years that my friends say they go through with their daughters and Garrett going through his terrible 2's & 3's. He is such a sweet baby and it's hard to imagine that in just a few years he is going to be driving me crazy too!
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Old 05-25-12, 12:42 PM
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With Joseph we always let him have a book but we won't read it to him if he's been terribly naughty. We also go through the whole bedtime routine of prayers and tucking in but if he doesn't participate we leave as if he did.

For anything disrepectful(his thing is sticking out his tongue) he gets wall time after two warnings. Basically he has to put his nose to the wall and stay that way for 5 minutes. His time starts as soon as he stops crying and tantruming. The TV goes off when he doesn't follow instructions in a timely manner.
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Old 05-25-12, 03:28 PM
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I so need to try these things Braxton is getting bad nothing works, time outs, no tv, taking things away. He just really dont care
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Old 05-25-12, 03:37 PM
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Is it around bedtime she does this or in general? We had some problems with Kaydence, and before long we realized it was a direct effect of her not getting enought sleep and more or less turning into a monster somewhere between 5-6pm and her bedtime! This can happen with a lot of kids when they go through different growth spurts and such and they just need more rest.

If it's in general, I agree with Laurel, some things shoud be routine and other things should be rewards/bonus's. Reading is really in a gray area for me (and you) because it is very beneficial. We've had a lot of luck with a reward chart (leslie found one that is a dry erase and magnetic at Walmart) we have 6 areas for each kid each day (they are 6 and 4) they start our with one star each and can loose a star after two warnings. Then we have daily, weekly, and monthly rewards based on how many stars they have. The big rewards are "joint rewards" meaning they have to combine thier stars, this has actually caused them to work together and even correct each other because they know it's a team effort. This also has the advantage of not messing up any routines for the kids if they lose a star.
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