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  • Jen_C Jen_C's Avatar 12-29-06 | 07:39 AM
  • So how often is everyone's little ones eating solids? Cora is still eating them twice a day, but I was just wondering when to start shooting for 3 times a day. Has anyone tried any table foods yet? Our doc. mentioned Cora can have table foods if they are mashed. So I've tried mashed potatoes but she really didn't like them. I also tried real green beans, just mashed up a bit, and she hated those too. I guess she only likes runny baby food lol.
  • emg92702 emg92702's Avatar 12-29-06 | 01:02 PM
  • Keller has had avocado, steamed sweet potato, peaches in the mesh feeder, bits of soft bread, bits of soft muffins, and bits of mashed banana so far.
  • Erinn Erinn's Avatar 12-29-06 | 09:57 PM
  • I am going to start giving the twins solids three times a day starting this week (they are going to be 8 months old). I think they need the extra meal now. We've started "table" foods - bread, mango, cucumber, cheese, rice crackers (called Baby Mum-Mums), there is more but I can't think of it right now. Sophia really gets into what we are eating and has tried a few new things. Everything gets cut up really small to help encourage them to learn chewing. We did try mashed potatoes (not too impressed by it) and sweet potato (did not want any part of it).
  • CheekyMonkey26 CheekyMonkey26's Avatar 12-31-06 | 04:22 PM
  • Well... I think we are up to 3-4 times a day depending how hungry Derek is. We're doing cereal/oatameal in the morning, some fruit mid-day, and some veggies for dinner with cereal. Sometimes a fourth solid is thrown into the mix if he's really hungry.
  • Niki1202 Niki1202's Avatar 12-31-06 | 05:21 PM
  • Avery is still eating solids twice a day. Lunch and dinner. I think I will wait another month and I will give her solids 3 times. She has not had any table foods yet, but I'm excited to try.
    She loves all her baby food and cereal so I'm not worried about her being a picky eater (though this can change). She has not had any "chunky" food. I'm a bit nervous giving it to her...I don't know how she will react to it.
    Sorry to go off topic, Jen, but how do I introduce "chunky" foods to her? What should I give her to start?