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  • AmiKW AmiKW's Avatar 12-27-06 | 01:00 AM
  • Who all is here? We need to liven this board up! Anyone got any updates? Or just want to chat? Or just want to vent about anything? October-December 06 playgroup needs some action gals!! GET CHATTY!!!!
  • TSLeer TSLeer's Avatar 12-27-06 | 01:37 AM
  • I'll have more time online once I'm back at work next week.
  • MBMBERG MBMBERG's Avatar 12-27-06 | 10:29 PM
  • I'll have more time too once I'm back at work but that won't be for another 5 weeks.
  • Larissadawn Larissadawn's Avatar 12-28-06 | 11:48 AM

  • I am here...I don't work outside the I don't have much time to get online...but I like to be chatty!!!
  • AmiKW AmiKW's Avatar 12-28-06 | 06:19 PM
  • Ok, so I'm the only loser that hops on here every chance I get! I should use my free time to nap or clean, but where's the fun in that! LOL!!