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I am furious!!!! I want to kill!!!

I am furious!!!! I want to kill!!!

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  • rudolphia rudolphia's Avatar 12-07-06 | 02:59 AM
  • So most of you know I've been in California all week staying with my sister. I am not close to my parents, but they have been bugging me all the time to see Marek, so I have been allowing my mom to watch him while I work out for an hour most mornings. She raised six kids and cared for over 200 foster babies, so I figured she knew what she's doing.

    When I picked him up this morning, my mom mentioned to me, "I saw that lotion in the diaper bag said not to use it on children under 2, but I used a little bit on him when I changed him." I was a little puzzled, because I knew I didn't have diaper rash cream in the bag. Then I remembered that I had a tube of hand lotion in the side pocket, and thought she was really dumb to maybe use that on him. I wasn't too worried, because it's a very gentle, hypoallergenic lotion with no fragrance or chemicals.

    Tonight I removed the hand lotion from the diaper bag so she wouldn't use it on him again. I read the label and didn't see anything age-related warning on it. Then I started digging through the diaper bag and found... my ziploc quart bag full of medications we declared at security and took on the plane. Most of the contents were for the baby (Mylicon, Infant Tylenol, saline nose drops), so I left it in the diaper bag. It also contained a few things we take on trips for ourselves, including TOPICAL BENADRYL CREAM!

    That's right - my "experienced" mother put Benadryl on my baby's diaper area. I am ready to %#*&ing kill her!

    I called her and got a half-hearted apology and a lot of excuses. "It was in the diaper bag, so I thought I could use it on him", "A lot of times the doctor told me to use stuff with that warning on the foster babies", etc. etc. I mean, the stuff says, "Do not use on a child under 2 unless directed to do so by a physician." Don't you think I would TELL her if a doctor told me to use it on him. She didn't even know what Benadryl was!

    I am very worked up right now. This happened this morning and he's been fine all day. I changed him again within an hour of her doing so. I'm sure he's ok. But she could have really harmed him.

    And can you believe that both she and my dad BEGGED me not to tell Brian about this?
  • DEE DEE's Avatar 12-07-06 | 07:14 AM
  • OMG Rudi! I am sitting here LMFAO after reading your post BECAUSE OF MAREK'S PICTURE AT THE BOTTOM!!!!!!!!

    I would be absolutely LIVID too!!!!! I cannot believe your mother didn't know what Benedryl was! Ummmm.....HELLO, even if she didn't know can't she read? Doesn't she know what hydrocortisone cream is? I would be ready to kill her too!

    I'm so glad little Marek escaped this unscathed.
  • Laurie Laurie's Avatar 12-07-06 | 09:09 AM
  • I don't understand why they begged you not to tell Brian.

    Curious on another thing....did he even need any cream on his bum?
  • rudolphia rudolphia's Avatar 12-07-06 | 09:37 AM
  • They are afraid he'll go medieval on them. My husband is a sweetheart, but he clearly can turn into a stern dude when crossed. Also, they don't want him to think badly of them. Clearly they know they totally screwed up.

    And, no, he didn't need any cream. She "thought" he looked a little red.
  • JennaMC 12-07-06 | 09:46 AM
  • Quote de DEE
    OMG Rudi! I am sitting here LMFAO after reading your post BECAUSE OF MAREK'S PICTURE AT THE BOTTOM!!!!!!!!

    I think I would be upset about that too or wait I know I would be upset about the whole ordeal. I'm glad nothing happened to Marek and now you have something to look back on and tell pep about (i'm sure he'll get a kick out of it).