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right or left

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  • nisey79 nisey79's Avatar 02-22-09 | 01:36 AM
  • can you tell already which one is your child's dominant hand? I thought for sure that T was going to be right handed because as an infant she primarily reached for everything with her right. But for the past few months she has been switching off between her right and left and is starting to use her left hand a lot more than her right. Or is it to early for that?
  • Twinkies_Mom Twinkies_Mom's Avatar 02-22-09 | 08:57 AM
  • I think Bella will be a lefty but i read that you really can't tell dominance before the age of 3
  • imagine imagine's Avatar 02-22-09 | 03:14 PM
  • Lincoln still switches back and forth but has been using his right a lot more often when eating with a spoon. he use to only use his left to eat.
  • osrasi osrasi's Avatar 02-22-09 | 10:55 PM
  • I'm pretty sure Laila will be a righty...she holds everything with that hand and just started holding her crayons with it as well. WE are all right-handed as well.
  • Mommy2KNIH Mommy2KNIH's Avatar 02-23-09 | 01:16 AM
  • Hannah still goes back and forth. Sometimes she will stick with one or the other just long enough for me to think she is gunna be right or left handed and then she will switch They always wanna keep us guessing!!!!