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  • JenniferG JenniferG's Avatar 04-22-08 | 11:00 AM
  • I'm still a little concerned with Kieran and the fact that he has no interest in speaking. I have heard everything from he is a boy to his sister speaks too much for him. He still has no desire to identify body parts either. He will however point to his shoe, hat, etc. when asked. I think I am a little too hung up on the charts that the early intervention people send. They say to continue using the 15 month chart until he is ready for the next one at 18 months so hopefully he does something between then and now to ease my mind. If not, I guess I will bring it up at his 18 month appointment. I think I am worrying too much but after his birth I always will wonder if he is on track. I keep trying to tell myself that plenty of babies had a worse start and are fine. I'm sure part of all of this is I'm still a bit of an emotional wreck.
  • happe2day happe2day's Avatar 04-22-08 | 11:47 AM
  • just keep doing what your doing. he is just fine and yeah talk to your dr at his next appt. but dont worry so much it will take away the fun time with him.
  • 3Princes 04-22-08 | 08:21 PM
  • Yes, Matthew is definitely "worse" than Kieran. He's saying "ma-ma", "da-da" and "ya-ya" and that's it. He just started waving for real a week ago maybe. I'm having his speech evaluated May 1 and he will no doubt enter speech therapy then. He is, however, communicating. He does a lot of nonverbal stuff to let you know what he wants. We are constantly emphasizing the first letter of words.

    I am worried, but at the same time Josh was a lot like that, but now I'd say his vocabulary is above average. He went to using maybe 20 words for the longest time, to using hundreds. Now, he speaks in complex sentences and his thought processes are pretty advanced.

    So, I think as long as you keep an eye on it and get him evaluated if you really think there is a problem I'm sure he'll be fine. I also have to say that what you are expecting of him from the "charts" is way beyond what I've seen here in the states.
  • JenniferG JenniferG's Avatar 04-23-08 | 10:15 AM
  • I think I worry because Makenna has always been very verbal. I looked in her book and she was saying so many words by her first birthday. I have to keep reminding myself that they are different kids and that the normal range when they are this young is huge.
  • happe2day happe2day's Avatar 04-23-08 | 12:14 PM
  • i would agree Deven my first was using complete sentences by now and andy barely says mama dada and Tittie (for kittie) he says dad for everything and i mean everything is dada.

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