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white spot on a tooth

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  • baby hungry 06-02-08 | 09:51 PM
  • Joy has a white round spot on the bottom front tooth. It's really low to the gum line. Does anyone have a clue what it might be? Bryan is really worried thinking it's because he let her have ice cream. I told him it was highly unlikely she has a cavity from a tooth she has only had 2 months.
  • SeattleMommy 06-03-08 | 09:33 AM
  • I'm not sure. Avery is going in to the dentist at the end of July. I wish I would have taken Kendall sooner..............we went a couple of weeks ago and it was not fun. She didn't want to sit in the chair and open her mouth for anything!! They told me the younger they start coming, the easier it is because they are so used to it. I think taking her in is a good idea. You'll find out about the white spot and create a dental "home" for Joy. I highly recommend going to a pediatric dentist if there is one close. They have all of the fun things and know how to interact with children.
Thank you SeattleMommy!
baby hungry (06-03-08)
  • savannah33 savannah33's Avatar 06-03-08 | 09:38 AM
  • This is pretty common. Brent had it too on his baby teeth. Just a couple of them. I can't remember totally but it was something to do with the enamel. Just keep brushing them and they should be fine.

    I do recommend starting them at the dentist around 18 months or so. Most dentist won't even attempt to clean them before that age but all 3 of my kids just went in on Friday again. Braedon has been 4 times now (he's 3) and he sat right up there like a pro and did the full cleaning, flossing and flouride treatment. Brooke and Brent even got x-rays!
Thank you savannah33!
baby hungry (06-03-08)
  • amsarmom4 amsarmom4's Avatar 06-03-08 | 07:13 PM
  • My newphew had them on his teeth too. I can't recall what the dentist told them but it wasn't a big deal either. They did nothing for him & charged my sister big $ for the 10sec exam! She was not happy.
    I didn't take either of my older too until 3yrs old. They both did fantastic & have no cavities