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My revelation................ Print Version

SeattleMommy 05-28-08 01:42 PM

My revelation................
So we are having a garage sale this weekend (our entire neighborhood) and I have been getting ready this past week or more. It has been really emotional and I realized I don't know if I am "done." I thought I only wanted two, but now that Avery is getting old (:lol:) I am having second thoughts. I talked to Andy about it and he told me not to sell anything. We'll wait a year and reevaluate. Most days I feel like we are complete, but there is a little part of me that thinks.........maybe we have room for one more. I am keeping just a few of the big/expensive things and selling most. We got way too much stuff when Kendall was born and realize now that we don't need most of it.

I'm not telling anyone in "real life." It's something we are keeping to ourselves. I just know my MIL would say something about Andy needing a boy. She commented on that when we found out we were having Avery. :reye: If we do go for a third, I HOPE we have a girl just for that!!! :lol:

DanieH 05-28-08 01:48 PM

Im totally there w/ ya. I said I wanted at least 2, but no more than 3. I personally want to say Im done, but some days Im not so sure. On some bad days, I think to myself "why Im I even considering a 3rd, Im totatll done!". LOL I know DH wants so badly for a boy, but its not something I can promise. His uncle has 3 girls and I personally dont know what I would do have 3 girls! LOL All-in-all, Im not selling anything until one of us has a procedure.

amsarmom4 05-28-08 02:52 PM

I know exactly how you feel. I always wanted 3-4 children when my DH told me we we're done with #2 I felt incomplete. So every month when the time was right I would say" honey tonights the night!" for 2yrs I said that & he said no. BUT one night he told me he thought it was a good idea to try!! YAY!! I told him that we don;t try we just get pregnant (we've been very lucky that way, I guess having really bad cramps when I ovlated actually was good for something! LOL) And now here I am with 3 beautiful little girls:) I'm pretty sure we're done too but I'm not selling anything either until DH has the procedure!

koala_kaper 05-28-08 04:17 PM

I'm not sure how many we'll end up with, I just know we won't be done for a LONG time :lol: We want a big family and don't believe in the whole procedure thing and stuff like that. So basically, we won't be selling anything 'til "the change", if ya kwim!? (although if we end up having too many, we may be having a discussion before that :lol: )

baby hungry 05-28-08 04:46 PM

Dh really wants one more. Adoption is very expensive. It is down right depressing expensive. Before Joy was born I was able to work to help save for everything, and now it's much different. Our income is really cut, not to mention the cost of having a child. One part of me says just suck it up, do it, and you'll be happy you made the sacrifice. Another part says how in the world can you really afford it?

I think in the end we will go with our hearts. We would love for Joy to have a brother or a sister, but we’ll just have to see if we can make it work.