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DanieH 11-05-09 02:24 PM

Poopy hands
Nicole was in her room napping and my mom went in her room a few minutes after she woke up and handle my mom a lump of crap. Supposely, my mom changed her diaper earlier and I guess the diaper pail was full. Even though she was able to turn the handle and release it to the pail, it just sat there since its full. Nicole can move the handle, so she prob moved it back and saw the diaper still sitting there. mom was freaking out. At first she thought it was playdoh, til she took a whiff....LOL I cant help but laugh since I didnt have to deal w/ it, and my mom was laughing along w/ me. Its funnier b/c my mom is a clean phanatic and freaks out over the smallest things. Kaitlyn says.."oh, i know, I will call her poopy hands". :lol:

teddybear1082 11-05-09 07:30 PM

That is too funny-especially since it didn't happen to me!
It must be a day for poop emergencies.
Dh gave Erin her bath tonight (he does that like once in a blue moon). As he was taking off her diaper he realized that she had pooped. She was running around with poop stuck to her butt and my dog was chasing her trying to get at it (yuck!)
He was so freaked out and had almost no idea what to do!

imagine 11-06-09 08:17 PM

lol! oh no! I would have freaked out. I'm a germaphobe!

Janine 11-09-09 03:43 PM

When Kim was about 2 I got up one morning and she had taken her diaper off and "finger painted" the wall behind her crib! Do you have any idea how hard it is to clean that off textured walls?