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12 Hungarian Baby Names

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  • stevenwalker 01-28-19 | 12:48 PM
  • Parenting starts while you’re still pregnant. Whether it is what you eat, how you exercise, or what name you choose, you have 9 months to get all of that together! Finding the perfect name is an exciting but difficult struggle. You want to look at every name ever said aloud to make sure you’ve got the perfect one. Hungarian names are great option to take a look at. Hopefully, you will find that perfect name and get some good ideas. Nameberry will help in homework throughout the best Hungarian baby names.

    (1) Juliska: (female) Julia and Juliana are both very popular names right now, so why not try out the beautiful Hungarian variation of Juliska. Jules and Lissy are both great nickname options as well.

    (2) Vidor: (male) This name is strong and interesting without being difficult to spell or say. Vid is a cool nickname too, it’s a great Victor alternative.

    (3) Bence: (male) If you like names without nickname opportunities, Bence is a great option. It has a cool sound, fits right into the U.S., and is great on a little boy or a grown man.

    (4) Mariska: (female) Marissa is so last decade, but Mariska is sophisticated and a bit adventurous without being too out there. This is a great Hungarian name for your little girl

    (5) Dacso: (male) Dash is in, so Dacso is totally a viable option now. It’s got a hint of danger and Dacs is a super cute nickname.

    (6) Balas: (male) This is a great alternative to Bailey, which has gone over to the girls. It has a cool sound and a great energy.

    (7) Sarika: (female) A form of Sarah, Sarika is a much more exciting choice for your baby girl. Sari and Rika are really awesome nickname choices too.

    (8) Henrik: (male) Henry is coming back into style, and Henrik can be a great full name choice to get you to the nickname. This way, when your little Henry grows up he can choose to use his full name professionally.

    (9) Rezi: (female) This is another great option for parents who don’t like nicknames and like to keep it short. It’s a great alternative to Rosa.

    (10) Analee: (female) I love this name, and it is a popular sound in a multitude of countries. It’s beautiful and classic, and offers so much more than Emily.

    (11) Mozes: (male) Mozes is such a cooler spelling than Moses. If you want to go religious with a little edge, you should consider the fun Hungarian spelling.

    (12) Laszlo: (male) This is another great male Hungarian name! It has such a cool energy and sound. It’s a great choice for parents who are living on the edge.

    If any of these have peaked your interest and you are wanting more, feel free to continue your search on Nameberry .

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